Retouches, aren't just for photoshop..

As much as stylists try to clarify what it is that we do, this word seems to have issues. "Retouch" is a just a fancy word for sorting out those nasty little roots that keep showing up despite our wishes that our hair grew in the color we chose. Or its hiding that bit of sparkle (white hair) that you can't help but stare at each glance into the mirror. But here's the communication break down, literally having a Bachelor's in Communication can't even fix this, trust me. But why not blog about it and see if that degree plus the internet can help.... (Look mom and dad, I am using it!)

Retouch Color vs Retouch Foil Highlights.

Hi! Just a heads up, NO, they are not the same. Typically stylist charge by time / amount of work and product used, and those two services are about the same effort as cutting up an apple versus cutting up a pineapple. While they both have the same word in them, at least in English, (google ananas) the work is totally different. Also typically requiring very different tools.

Foil Highlights are what most would call traditional highlights, typically done in an aluminum paper. Whether your lightening 1/4" or the full length of the hair they're similar, just one uses more product. But it requires more work, taking sections, slicing or weaving each to ensure a blend of colors.

A Retouch Color involves applying a single color at the root (1/8"-1/4" , no weaving, no slicing, no foils, basically just grey coverage, hiding that mousy brown, or ashy blonde) If there's more growth than that, it's not really a retouch anymore as the stylist will need to make a large amount of product.

So no, you should NEVER say that you're in need of a "retouch" when you have highlights.  

It's important, especially with a new stylist to book the services correctly. Time is limited and while a retouch may only take 45 minutes start to finish. Highlights can take 45 minutes just to apply without any processing time. Now the stylist is behind schedule which in turn runs the whole day behind

(Refer to post regarding appointment time)

If you're unsure of timing or what services you need, especially with a new stylist, ask for a consultation. At æffect hair, the policy for any new color guest is to meet with the stylist to discuss goals and expectation prior to scheduling any services. This ensure the timing is correct, services are accurate, we can test for any allergies, quote pricing, and best of all no receptionist will ever feel the blame of misunderstanding what services a guest needed. (FUN FACT: Most stylists went through a short-lived front desk career, prior or during apprenticing, its definitely not a fun job but so crucial to the salon.) 

Let us know if that helped, and feel free to post any requested topics and maybe we'll get around to keeping this a regular thing rather than the McRib of blogs..

Protection and Being Safe

We are all consenting adults here, so its time we talk about protection.

Not just any kind, the most important…  heat protection.

Okay, so I exaggerated, really it’s most important for your hair. Honestly, I can’t stress that enough. Just about every one of us uses a heat tool: blow dryer, curling iron or wand, rollers, flat iron. Each of them offers a benefit to our look, but each time it’s taking a toll on the hair. That delicate fiber that's already been through years of heating, coloring, styling, washing, etc.

You’re supposed to wear an SPF every day to protect your skin, especially for us in sunny FL, but are you using something to protect from the 400º flat iron? 

That temperature is enough to burn your skin, or cook a delicious, cheesy pizza (I might be a little hungry).  So why would you put that directly onto those delicate strands of hair with out a barrier?

A simple spray, like Davines Melu Thermal Shield can help you keep that hair protected and in tact, especially if you have hopes of that mermaid hair. (Every girl dreams of it at some point, hair so long you don’t technically need a shirt) If you want to keep your hair healthy, happy, and growing it is time to use protection. While the blow dryer is the least of the damaging, it is still heat, Oi All in One Milk or Su Milk will work for wet to dry styles. Also remember when using a flat iron, its important to pass over the strands slowly and only once. It doesn’t need thirteen passes, just one good one.

Be smart, be safe, and show off that gorgeous hair you actually took time to do, maybe take a selfie or two, or nine then delete all and start over. Or whatever. 

Appointment Time

You have a hair appointment at 4:00pm, and you're running late. You get there at 4:25, and the stylist says those dreaded words, "I'm sorry, but we're going to have to reschedule you.*" It almost echoes, you imagine how bad you’ll look for the party this weekend, and the disappointment sets in. (okay a little melodramatic, but hair is a big deal) The truth is, your stylist is just as disappointed. Not only did he/she feel like they've just let you down, but they also missed earnings. So why say “no,” if everyone is left feeling down?

A busy stylist books with precision (especially now during holiday); every appointment has exactly enough time for the services. If a stylist takes an appointment that is 25 minutes late, they will run at least 25 minutes late for the entire day. It’s unfair to assume that the 7pm appointment, which was on time, should have to wait almost a half hour because of someone earlier in the day. We can't disrespect every other client’s expected timetable. Plus no one wants to wait around for their stylist like they wait for the doctor or worse, the D.M.V.… ::shutter::

So what's my point? Be on time, we want to do your hair.

We want you to leave feeling great and fabulous, honestly it is why we do hair. Our passion is making people feel on top of the world. In order for that to happen, clients have to be on time and vice versa. The appointment starts at your scheduled time, so be there just slightly before, 5-10 minutes. You won’t feel rushed, the stylist won’t have to worry about how to fit all the services in, or worse yet, say “no.” Besides, who doesn’t want a 5-10 minute breather with an added glass of wine or a beer, maybe finally check your phone? ( or in reality check social media)

Not all stylists live by this, or even keep a tight schedule, but part of our pricing is decided by our time, just as your time is important. Both you and your stylist will appreciate it and the front desk appreciates getting home at a reasonable time. 


* I felt a need to add an addendum; there are exceptions. Occasionally, stylists can take you if you’re late, but you have to be willing to sacrifice that blow out, extra highlights, or have your color applied by another stylists/ assistant. The full, expected experience with your preferred stylist will be altered. Almost like getting Pepsi when you asked for Coke. It’s not bad, its just not the same, and not what you wanted. 

Why I hate Shampoo

Okay that was a little melodramatic. But like most good things, there are a lot of people that abuse it. Every new client that sits in my chair gets this same pep talk. There's a few rules in life people seem to understand but don't realize that it applies to hair in the same way.

If you wash black pants every day, what happens? They fade!

If you wash your face too much what happens? It gets dried out and as a result over produces oil!

THESE ARE TRUE TO YOUR SCALP! It is literally next to your face, so why would it be okay to wash your hair daily, which dries out your hair. Not to mention all hair color fades naturally, why shorten it's life span? 

"I get too oily to go any days between shampoos" I know that's the case, I get it.  But your scalp is being scrubbed, which stimulates the sebaceous glands. (Think Marsha Brady brushing over and over for shine, wait is that reference too old?) Shampoo is meant to cleanse, remove product, oil, and build up. So once your hair is stripped clean, your scalp wants to replenish. If you do it too often that poor little scalp of yours is having to work over time to compensate. The result, over production. So it's becomes a vicious cycle. Shampoo, strip, over replenish, shampoo, strip over replenish.

Do you want shiny, happy, frizz-free hair that doesn't fade? STOP SHAMPOOING SO MUCH.

Yep. It is that easy. No, you can't go from daily washes to  once a week. It's not that simple. Your body needs time to adjust. Same as you can't run a marathon without training. Start off simple, skip one day. Then as you start to notice less oil, go longer, two days, etc. And we have other amazing (I'll admit I'm obsessed with ) options to hold you over. DRY SHAMPOO! My two favorites Davines (Salon professional product) and Baptiste (non professional available at Ulta) Easy to use apply at the root, wait a minute or so, than surprise the product absorbs oil. If you sprayed a little too close rub in the excess product.  I like to do it at night as a preemptive attack on any oil.  Also don't underestimate the power of an easy up-do. Pinterest has tons of ways to put your hair up in a classy style that doesn't look like dirty hair pony tails or day 4 top knots. (Although I'm currently guilty of this) NOTE: You can also look forward to some easy styling classes for clients, held at the salon in the new year!

So do yourself a favor, give your scalp a break, enjoy an extra hour of sleep, and realize that when you don't wash daily you might actually have the patience to style it well ( completing a full blow out)  on shampoo days which in turn will last longer and be worth it. 

Good or Bad?

Ah! We started a blog!

Good idea, bad idea. The constant question about the projects we start and maybe never finish. Or at least the constant conversation I have with just about all my choices. But like anything, that fail safe of questioning my intentions exists for that reason. They are as follows:

·      Do I have time for this? Possibly, but the reality is I wrote these over the last few months and I've been saving them. I may or may not be type A.

·      Will I actually keep it up to date? Highly unlikely, but it’s a goal. Refer to previous answer, I'm somewhat prepared.

·      Do I have too much on my plate? In food metaphors, absolutely, but I like to eat (and over achieve)

·      Will this be witty? I can only try to inundate this to be as clever and entertaining as I am, or rather can be. (Unabashedly self aware)

·      So why would you blog? Because this goes beyond a passion, I will absolutely label myself as hair obsessed. With that being said, I have this obligation to ensure that the information I offer is useful to my guest, other hairstylist, and the public. I love sharing what I know, perhaps a little too much. No, I am not a scientist. I only managed being a biology major for two semesters. But what I am good at is communication,which is what my (almost finished) Bachelor’s degree is. I get to travel to salons, teaching all over, and sharing information, this is an easy and more eco-friendly platform. (like I mentioned before, full plate.)

So here’s the dealio (yeah I’m bringing it back, like Justin did with "sexy" right?) I want people to know the truth behind why your stylists say “no” when you want to go platinum. Why I have to reiterate that shampooing often is detrimental to hair and hair color. And lastly, why this career deserves more respect than it is often given. This isn’t a “How To” (refer to other well named blogs and or YouTube videos) This is an attempt to explain things that an hour long haircut or even 4 hour color correction doesn’t allow us to say.

This is about the æffect of hair.