Why I hate Shampoo

Okay that was a little melodramatic. But like most good things, there are a lot of people that abuse it. Every new client that sits in my chair gets this same pep talk. There's a few rules in life people seem to understand but don't realize that it applies to hair in the same way.

If you wash black pants every day, what happens? They fade!

If you wash your face too much what happens? It gets dried out and as a result over produces oil!

THESE ARE TRUE TO YOUR SCALP! It is literally next to your face, so why would it be okay to wash your hair daily, which dries out your hair. Not to mention all hair color fades naturally, why shorten it's life span? 

"I get too oily to go any days between shampoos" I know that's the case, I get it.  But your scalp is being scrubbed, which stimulates the sebaceous glands. (Think Marsha Brady brushing over and over for shine, wait is that reference too old?) Shampoo is meant to cleanse, remove product, oil, and build up. So once your hair is stripped clean, your scalp wants to replenish. If you do it too often that poor little scalp of yours is having to work over time to compensate. The result, over production. So it's becomes a vicious cycle. Shampoo, strip, over replenish, shampoo, strip over replenish.

Do you want shiny, happy, frizz-free hair that doesn't fade? STOP SHAMPOOING SO MUCH.

Yep. It is that easy. No, you can't go from daily washes to  once a week. It's not that simple. Your body needs time to adjust. Same as you can't run a marathon without training. Start off simple, skip one day. Then as you start to notice less oil, go longer, two days, etc. And we have other amazing (I'll admit I'm obsessed with ) options to hold you over. DRY SHAMPOO! My two favorites Davines (Salon professional product) and Baptiste (non professional available at Ulta) Easy to use apply at the root, wait a minute or so, than surprise the product absorbs oil. If you sprayed a little too close rub in the excess product.  I like to do it at night as a preemptive attack on any oil.  Also don't underestimate the power of an easy up-do. Pinterest has tons of ways to put your hair up in a classy style that doesn't look like dirty hair pony tails or day 4 top knots. (Although I'm currently guilty of this) NOTE: You can also look forward to some easy styling classes for clients, held at the salon in the new year!

So do yourself a favor, give your scalp a break, enjoy an extra hour of sleep, and realize that when you don't wash daily you might actually have the patience to style it well ( completing a full blow out)  on shampoo days which in turn will last longer and be worth it.