Protection and Being Safe

We are all consenting adults here, so its time we talk about protection.

Not just any kind, the most important…  heat protection.

Okay, so I exaggerated, really it’s most important for your hair. Honestly, I can’t stress that enough. Just about every one of us uses a heat tool: blow dryer, curling iron or wand, rollers, flat iron. Each of them offers a benefit to our look, but each time it’s taking a toll on the hair. That delicate fiber that's already been through years of heating, coloring, styling, washing, etc.

You’re supposed to wear an SPF every day to protect your skin, especially for us in sunny FL, but are you using something to protect from the 400º flat iron? 

That temperature is enough to burn your skin, or cook a delicious, cheesy pizza (I might be a little hungry).  So why would you put that directly onto those delicate strands of hair with out a barrier?

A simple spray, like Davines Melu Thermal Shield can help you keep that hair protected and in tact, especially if you have hopes of that mermaid hair. (Every girl dreams of it at some point, hair so long you don’t technically need a shirt) If you want to keep your hair healthy, happy, and growing it is time to use protection. While the blow dryer is the least of the damaging, it is still heat, Oi All in One Milk or Su Milk will work for wet to dry styles. Also remember when using a flat iron, its important to pass over the strands slowly and only once. It doesn’t need thirteen passes, just one good one.

Be smart, be safe, and show off that gorgeous hair you actually took time to do, maybe take a selfie or two, or nine then delete all and start over. Or whatever.