Retouches, aren't just for photoshop..

As much as stylists try to clarify what it is that we do, this word seems to have issues. "Retouch" is a just a fancy word for sorting out those nasty little roots that keep showing up despite our wishes that our hair grew in the color we chose. Or its hiding that bit of sparkle (white hair) that you can't help but stare at each glance into the mirror. But here's the communication break down, literally having a Bachelor's in Communication can't even fix this, trust me. But why not blog about it and see if that degree plus the internet can help.... (Look mom and dad, I am using it!)

Retouch Color vs Retouch Foil Highlights.

Hi! Just a heads up, NO, they are not the same. Typically stylist charge by time / amount of work and product used, and those two services are about the same effort as cutting up an apple versus cutting up a pineapple. While they both have the same word in them, at least in English, (google ananas) the work is totally different. Also typically requiring very different tools.

Foil Highlights are what most would call traditional highlights, typically done in an aluminum paper. Whether your lightening 1/4" or the full length of the hair they're similar, just one uses more product. But it requires more work, taking sections, slicing or weaving each to ensure a blend of colors.

A Retouch Color involves applying a single color at the root (1/8"-1/4" , no weaving, no slicing, no foils, basically just grey coverage, hiding that mousy brown, or ashy blonde) If there's more growth than that, it's not really a retouch anymore as the stylist will need to make a large amount of product.

So no, you should NEVER say that you're in need of a "retouch" when you have highlights.  

It's important, especially with a new stylist to book the services correctly. Time is limited and while a retouch may only take 45 minutes start to finish. Highlights can take 45 minutes just to apply without any processing time. Now the stylist is behind schedule which in turn runs the whole day behind

(Refer to post regarding appointment time)

If you're unsure of timing or what services you need, especially with a new stylist, ask for a consultation. At æffect hair, the policy for any new color guest is to meet with the stylist to discuss goals and expectation prior to scheduling any services. This ensure the timing is correct, services are accurate, we can test for any allergies, quote pricing, and best of all no receptionist will ever feel the blame of misunderstanding what services a guest needed. (FUN FACT: Most stylists went through a short-lived front desk career, prior or during apprenticing, its definitely not a fun job but so crucial to the salon.) 

Let us know if that helped, and feel free to post any requested topics and maybe we'll get around to keeping this a regular thing rather than the McRib of blogs..