Good or Bad?

Ah! We started a blog!

Good idea, bad idea. The constant question about the projects we start and maybe never finish. Or at least the constant conversation I have with just about all my choices. But like anything, that fail safe of questioning my intentions exists for that reason. They are as follows:

·      Do I have time for this? Possibly, but the reality is I wrote these over the last few months and I've been saving them. I may or may not be type A.

·      Will I actually keep it up to date? Highly unlikely, but it’s a goal. Refer to previous answer, I'm somewhat prepared.

·      Do I have too much on my plate? In food metaphors, absolutely, but I like to eat (and over achieve)

·      Will this be witty? I can only try to inundate this to be as clever and entertaining as I am, or rather can be. (Unabashedly self aware)

·      So why would you blog? Because this goes beyond a passion, I will absolutely label myself as hair obsessed. With that being said, I have this obligation to ensure that the information I offer is useful to my guest, other hairstylist, and the public. I love sharing what I know, perhaps a little too much. No, I am not a scientist. I only managed being a biology major for two semesters. But what I am good at is communication,which is what my (almost finished) Bachelor’s degree is. I get to travel to salons, teaching all over, and sharing information, this is an easy and more eco-friendly platform. (like I mentioned before, full plate.)

So here’s the dealio (yeah I’m bringing it back, like Justin did with "sexy" right?) I want people to know the truth behind why your stylists say “no” when you want to go platinum. Why I have to reiterate that shampooing often is detrimental to hair and hair color. And lastly, why this career deserves more respect than it is often given. This isn’t a “How To” (refer to other well named blogs and or YouTube videos) This is an attempt to explain things that an hour long haircut or even 4 hour color correction doesn’t allow us to say.

This is about the æffect of hair.