Appointment Time

You have a hair appointment at 4:00pm, and you're running late. You get there at 4:25, and the stylist says those dreaded words, "I'm sorry, but we're going to have to reschedule you.*" It almost echoes, you imagine how bad you’ll look for the party this weekend, and the disappointment sets in. (okay a little melodramatic, but hair is a big deal) The truth is, your stylist is just as disappointed. Not only did he/she feel like they've just let you down, but they also missed earnings. So why say “no,” if everyone is left feeling down?

A busy stylist books with precision (especially now during holiday); every appointment has exactly enough time for the services. If a stylist takes an appointment that is 25 minutes late, they will run at least 25 minutes late for the entire day. It’s unfair to assume that the 7pm appointment, which was on time, should have to wait almost a half hour because of someone earlier in the day. We can't disrespect every other client’s expected timetable. Plus no one wants to wait around for their stylist like they wait for the doctor or worse, the D.M.V.… ::shutter::

So what's my point? Be on time, we want to do your hair.

We want you to leave feeling great and fabulous, honestly it is why we do hair. Our passion is making people feel on top of the world. In order for that to happen, clients have to be on time and vice versa. The appointment starts at your scheduled time, so be there just slightly before, 5-10 minutes. You won’t feel rushed, the stylist won’t have to worry about how to fit all the services in, or worse yet, say “no.” Besides, who doesn’t want a 5-10 minute breather with an added glass of wine or a beer, maybe finally check your phone? ( or in reality check social media)

Not all stylists live by this, or even keep a tight schedule, but part of our pricing is decided by our time, just as your time is important. Both you and your stylist will appreciate it and the front desk appreciates getting home at a reasonable time. 


* I felt a need to add an addendum; there are exceptions. Occasionally, stylists can take you if you’re late, but you have to be willing to sacrifice that blow out, extra highlights, or have your color applied by another stylists/ assistant. The full, expected experience with your preferred stylist will be altered. Almost like getting Pepsi when you asked for Coke. It’s not bad, its just not the same, and not what you wanted.